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Eagles and Ospreys

Airboat Ride-Osprey-VeroBeach-1200

Is that an eagle? Not exactly… It’s an osprey also referred toSee Osprey on Airboat Wilderness-Rides Blue Cypress Lake Florida as a fish eagle and sea hawk, river hawk, or fish hawk. The osprey is a large raptor, reaching more…

It’s Gator Time at Blue Cypress Recreation Area

see wildlife, gators, and ospreys, on your Airboat tour of Blue Cypress Lake, Florida

GATORTIME! The cooler nights and warm days have gators on land, with there solar blankets on, getting warm. Tours have been AWESOME recently. Lots of Gators! Also, the bird life has been PHENOMENAL too! Don’t miss your chance to view this uniquely Florida experienced guided by wildlife experts, on  an airboat tour of Blue Cypress…