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What is an Airboat?

Airboat Wilderness Rides-Vero Beach, Florida

According to Wikipedia:

Airboat or 'fanboat on tour of Blue Cypress Lake, near Vero Beach Florida.An airboat, also known as a fanboat, is a flat-bottomed watercraft propelled by an aircraft-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or automotive engine.  They are commonly used for fishing, bow-fishing, hunting, and ecotourism.

Airboats are a very popular means of transportation in marshy and/or shallow areas where a standard inboard or outboard engine with a submerged propeller would be impractical, most notably in the Florida Everglades but also in the Indian River Lagoon, Lake Okeechobee, the Kissimmee and St. Johns rivers, Florida, as well as the Louisiana bayous and Mesopotamian Marshes.

Airboats offer a singular way to experience the natural wonders of Florida waterways, wildlife and the ecosystem.  To book the best  Airboat tour in the Blue Cypress Lake area, call Airboat Wilderness Rides at 772 589 3278.

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